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It doesn’t matter how much enthusiasm a friend or colleague shows for something new when they’re telling you about it, sometimes you have to see it in action to really believe the transformational effect it can have. But a busy working life leaves little time to test new things, and it’s easy to simply continue with the status quo. That’s why we take Dragon to professional events like the upcoming British Legal Technology Forum on 10th March. Why not spend an hour or so with us, to save your business many more.


Have you ever listened to a trusted colleague or friend talk enthusiastically about something? Perhaps you’ve nodded your head, even felt the enthusiasm yourself, and thought you’d be happy to give whatever they are talking about a go. Then, somehow, the moment passes, and you don’t quite manage to try out the new thing.

It’s a very common experience. But when that new thing is relevant to the workplace, and when it could save your business time and money, improve efficiency, even free up the time of skilled people whose specialisms are at a premium, maybe it is worth trying just that little bit harder to give the new idea a go.

I know how difficult that can be. The pressures of work in a busy legal practice leave little time for trying out new things. When those new things break the mold, are unfamiliar, or might challenge the current ways of getting things done, they can set up their own barriers.

But look at it another way. If a couple of hours of your time could save your practice literally hours of document production time every single day, suddenly the proposition seems more attractive. And that’s exactly what Dragon can do. I understand that you need to see it in order to believe it – I would too.

One great way to see Dragon in action for yourself is to visit our stand at the British Legal Technology Forum on 10th March. If you don’t know about this event or have yet to book all the information you need is here. At Booth C4 we will be running Dragon Professional Anywhere live. Come along and put it to the test. I’m convinced you’ll be amazed at how superbly accurate it is turning your own spoken words into editable text from the very first time it hears you talk.

I realize not everyone can get to this event.  But don’t let that put you off. You can find out more about how Dragon Professional Anywhere can streamline your legal practice’s work by watching our video, and if you’d like us to follow up with you and answer any specific questions you might have, just get in touch.  Whatever route you take to learning more about Dragon, it could be transformational for your legal practice.

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