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Let’s face it, if you run a legal firm the last thing you want to spend time on is managing the back-office technology that is so vital to your work. Keeping software licenses up to date, installing patches and updates, fixing glitches, sorting out networking issues, updating hardware so it can keep up with the […]

Have you ever listened to a trusted colleague or friend talk enthusiastically about something? Perhaps you’ve nodded your head, even felt the enthusiasm yourself, and thought you’d be happy to give whatever they are talking about a go. Then, somehow, the moment passes, and you don’t quite manage to try out the new thing. It’s […]

Legal firms have to juggle a heavy workload with little room for slippage. Clients are all important. They need to be responded to quickly, and casework documentation needs to be thorough, accurate and produced in a timely fashion. Meanwhile all the non client-facing work has to be done as well. It’s a never ending round. […]

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A business exists to serve its customers. They need to be nurtured, cared for and respected. Gain them and the business grows, shed them and the business contracts. There are very few business sectors with a captive audience – customers can shop around and if a business upsets them, or doesn’t serve them, of course […]