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Managing risk is something organisations have to do day in, day out. Every organisation will have its own risk management strategy, whatever its size or area of work. The definition of ‘risk’ is broad and deep, and it’s not all about legal compliance by any means.  For example, I’m sure everyone reading this has addressed […]

Many of us are now getting used to a new working environment – our own homes. We’ve created working spaces, set up systems for coping with the family at home together, if there are children at home we’re ensuring they are kept occupied, educated, and entertained, and we’re looking after our family, friends and neighbors. […]

Nothing makes me quite as happy as hearing from a Dragon user. I know how it can change the work day for the better, because I often talk to people who benefit. But still, there is nothing quite like that thrill of hearing people talk about the benefits in their own words. Recently we spent […]

Recent data revealed that about 25% of Britain’s workforce currently has the ability to work remotely. That’s about 8 million people with the option to work from home in 2020, a number that has risen from about 4.2 million in 2015—and may well continue to rise rapidly as more and more organizations must adapt to […]