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  Whatever business you’re in, it’s likely that you produce a significant amount of printed documents on a daily, weekly and annual basis. From reports and correspondence to legal documents and patient records, every single document has a cost, and more often than not, information governance issues, attached. In light of these issues, intelligent print […]

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  When looking for ways to print “greener”, perhaps the most logical place to start is with the people who actually print. Consider that most of us go about our day, unaware of the dramatic, compounding costs associated. So the question remains: How can you get your staff to think before they print? Nuance has […]

  One of the cornerstones of any managed print services (MPS) strategy is the optimisation of the print environment. Most MPS engagements begin with an initial assessment of the printing fleet, which is conducted pre-sales and focuses on installed hardware and print volumes by device in order to establish a baseline for MPS contract terms. […]

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  By the simplest definition, optical character recognition (OCR) is a way to search for content within high volumes of digital documents, including paper documents converted to digital PDFs. But search is really just the beginning when it comes to the value OCR has to offer. Many organisations use OCR as a means to make […]