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Your smartphone and your voice – a winning combination

We all know that smartphones are useful for so much more than just voice calls and texting but few of us appreciate quite how much they can help ease the day-to-day workload. When coupled with a great dictation app that’s connected to the office, your smartphone can be a work companion that’s available in situations which aren’t suitable for your laptop. You smartphone and your voice can work together to increase efficiency and save time – a winning combination.
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Today’s smartphones are powerful. I mean really powerful. They’re more powerful than some current laptops and PCs. Here’s what respected tech web site Anandech had to say about the iPhone XS and XS Max last year – “What is quite astonishing, is just how close Apple’s A11 and A12 [processors] are to current desktop CPUs.”

So there should be no problem with them running speech apps. And indeed there isn’t. Both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have speech capability built in. If you’ve ever wondered how good it is, the next time you send a text, try dictating it instead of typing. If you’re one of those people who fumbles about on the touch keypad, you may quickly become a convert.

Smartphones are, of course, able to connect to the wider world pretty much anywhere. I’m as frustrated as the next person at those times when my smartphone won’t connect, but these times are increasingly rare and as we enter the world of 5G with its mega fast speeds, we’re going to expect even more of our handsets – better connectivity, faster data download and upload, more of everything.

So, why shouldn’t we use our smartphones for everyday productivity? Are there even scenarios where we can truly leave the laptop at home and rely entirely on our smartphones? Speech to text along with the ability to connect to office systems over the mobile network or Wi-Fi certainly makes that more of a possibility than it was even five years ago.

What’s needed to make ditching the laptop move from possibility to probability is the ability to use the power of your voice to ‘do stuff’ and I don’t mean dictate a text message, liberating though that is – I mean produce real work documents.

That’s why we launched Dragon Anywhere. It’s our mobile solution for dictating and editing documents. It’s powerful. Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Turn your spoken words into editable text
  • Include formatting such as bold, italics and more
  • Insert custom words and phrases – which it can pick up from your desktop version of Dragon
  • Share documents by email, to cloud storage, to Evernote and more
  • Email dictated texts

Imagine saving time by starting to dictate a report while walking from a client to the railway station, or setting out the precise terms of an agreement with a client for a colleague back at the office to work while you make your way there. When you get back to base, everything will be ready to be topped and tailed, signed off by you, and sent to the client.

This matters because our voice is the most natural way for us to interact with technology. It’s always with us. A smartphone is voice’s perfect companion. It, too, is always with us. It’s always connected and it is always ready to be put to work.

For those of us who are on the move a lot during a typical day, smartphone and voice are, quite simply, a winning combination.

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Alistair Robbie

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Alistair Robbie is the regional marketing manager at Nuance for the Dragon Professional & Consumer (P&C) division within Healthcare. He is responsible for the UK, Ireland and Benelux territories and has numerous years of marketing experience within the IT industry focusing on channel and field marketing. In his spare time, Alistair enjoys keeping active through running, playing squash and the gym as well as enjoying music, drinking wine from Chile and eating Mexican food!