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It isn’t always easy to make best use of smallish amounts of time. If you have documents to create, it can be challenging finding somewhere quiet to sit and work on a laptop. By the time you’ve hunted down a good location, the little time you had available might be severely depleted but speech to text software means you don’t necessarily have to find that quiet nook for working. You can work on documents anywhere and all the equipment you need is your mobile phone.

It isn’t always easy to make time and space for the document creation that is such an essential part of many jobs. Do you ever find yourself cramming a bit of important writing into the space travelling between meetings, or even during your commute to and from work?

Perhaps time pressures mean you rush and aren’t able to do the good quality job you’d like. Perhaps document production tasks mean you get to see fewer clients than you’d like too. Perhaps it even costs your firm money in lost productivity.

That’s precisely where speech to text software can help.

Suppose, for a moment, your train between client meetings is delayed, and you find yourself with 20 minutes standing on a station platform. It’s not enough time to fire up the laptop and do any meaningful work. By the time you have found somewhere quiet to sit, with an eye on the departures board, that 20 minutes could easily be halved. However, in 20 minutes you could produce a very good record of the client meeting you’ve just had, simply by speaking into your phone.

We made Dragon Anywhere precisely because it can be useful at these times. There’s no need to find somewhere quiet to sit. Use Dragon Anywhere just like you would use your phone – standing, sitting, with a headset or speaking directly into your phone – whatever is most comfortable.

You get the familiar Dragon capabilities to convert your spoken word into text and even insertion of standard phrases or paragraphs that you share with colleagues. Because you can dictate about three times faster than you can type, in 20 minutes you could dictate a really useful amount of text.

Dragon Anywhere saves what it creates to the cloud, so that when you do finally get onto your train and head off for your next appointment, you could open your laptop, retrieve what you’ve dictated from the cloud, and continue editing. Why not try our FREE trial of Dragon Anywhere and see for yourself the benefit of speech to text whilst on the go – click here to download.

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Alistair Robbie is the regional marketing manager at Nuance for the Dragon Professional & Consumer (P&C) division within Healthcare. He is responsible for the UK, Ireland and Benelux territories and has numerous years of marketing experience within the IT industry focusing on channel and field marketing. In his spare time, Alistair enjoys keeping active through running, playing squash and the gym as well as enjoying music, drinking wine from Chile and eating Mexican food!