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A business needs its customers and it needs to treat them well in order to keep them loyal but doing your best for your customers is not always easy. Looking after customers takes time and energy. Successful businesses understand how important this is and they find ways to make the time that’s needed. Speech to text software saves businesses a lot of time in document production and that’s a resource a savvy business can invest in its customers.

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A business exists to serve its customers. They need to be nurtured, cared for and respected. Gain them and the business grows, shed them and the business contracts. There are very few business sectors with a captive audience – customers can shop around and if a business upsets them, or doesn’t serve them, of course they have every right to go elsewhere. 

Whatever else servicing your customers well looks like, the chances are that efficiency matters a great deal. Doing what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it is vital. Deliver late on a promise and that will be remembered. Fail to provide something you’ve said you will provide will be remembered too. If you have a business that deals directly with customers, then they need to be treated courteously and efficiently at all times. 

Achieving this can be challenging. Customers will ask you things at awkward times – when you are overstretched already, or when it’s just not convenient to be talking to them. Customers will want things it’s difficult to provide as well as things you have at your fingertips but through it all, you need to delivery quickly and with a smile or the virtual equivalent of one – a charming email, a polite text message

We know that speech to text software helps businesses be more efficient. When you can create documents three times faster than typing, you can spend the saved time however you see fit, including on better customer services. Financial services professionals can use the time they free up thanks to Dragon to spend more time with clients, for example. 

It’s up to the individual business how it uses the time it saves through speech to text software. If I were giving business advice, I might suggest that serving customers well comes at the top of the list. 

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