Time to brush up on your PDF superpowers

Today’s PDF tools include advanced features that can make users more productive and efficient, if they only had time to learn and adopt them. Learn new PDF superpowers with best practices that will help you work smarter and achieve more.
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Sure, Captain America has his vibranium shield and Thor’s got his hammer, but PDF users can have their superpowers too. By adding valuable tips and tricks to your PDF arsenal and conquering some of the advanced features of PDF tools, you can become a PDF super user. (And even better, you don’t have to wear a costume.)

To start your super user journey, let’s take a look back at one of our most popular PDF blog posts, where we talked about how using redaction and Document Inspection can help you protect sensitive information in PDF files.

Let redaction become your PDF superpower

    In electronic documents, redaction, or the permanent removal of sensitive information, involves more than just the “black out” or “white out” you would use with paper documents. Often used in legal, government and HR business processes, redaction requires the complete removal of sensitive information from the file. Redaction and Document Inspection, usually referred to as “metadata scrubbing,” work together to prevent sensitive information from leaking into the discovery process.

    Redaction removes what you read on the screen, while Document Inspection removes sensitive information that may reside in other parts of the PDF file, such as bookmarks, links, attachments, and comments.

    With a PDF tool like Nuance® Power PDF, you can redact any area on a page, including text and/or graphics. And you use the Mark Areas on All Pages function to remove repetitive elements such as fax headers, bates stamps and so on.

    The right PDF tools have multiple methods to automate the redaction process. You can search for a single word or phrase, or multiple words and phrases. In addition to searching for specific terms, you can also perform pattern searches to identify items to be redacted. And you can save a list of redacted words and phrases for use the next time a batch of documents pertaining to the same matter needs to be redacted.

    Additional tips and tricks

      Searching for specific types of information is made easy with the Looks Like Search Pattern, which allows you to find employment numbers, phone numbers in multiple country formats, credit card numbers, e-mail addresses and more. This feature can even be customised to find company-specific information.

      Redaction tools like those found in Power PDF give you a faster, more reliable method to protect sensitive information found in PDF files.


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