How to reduce costs and paper consumption by printing all you want

In their effort to reduce costs and improve overall productivity, many of today’s organisations overlook an extremely effective way to achieve both of these goals (and more): print management solutions.
Print management solutions will reduce print waste

Corporate executives and department leaders are always looking for smart ways to cut expenses, especially during tough economic times. Also on the top of their to-do list is finding a way to boost their team’s productivity.

While these two goals – reducing expenses and increasing productivity – could seem like they don’t always go together, many companies are finding an essential print management strategy does exactly that: print release.

According to the recent AIIM report, The Digital Office – Improving the Way We Work, this idea falls into the response of “We use scanning and digital copies, but paper is often the first resort rather than the last.” The report also identified a few surprising data points from their participants:

  • 60% of individuals resort to paper copies to take to a meeting
  • 52% will print items to read offline or out of the office
  • 52% prefer a paper document for marking up changes

What this shows is that, for many organisations, printing documents is still a significant part of their day-to-day workplace – and one that could be improved significantly. For example, imagine if this approach could be turned upside down, and employees only printed what they really needed, especially for meetings or other non-customer-facing events. How many times do you see important documents sitting at a copier that team members forgot to pick up? Do you ever attend meetings where many documents are distributed, never to be used again? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you understand the need for improving print management.

Print Release

One simple and easy-to-implement solution is a print release program. What exactly is a print release program, you ask? It is a technology that allows employees to print from anywhere, anytime, and then pick up the documents whenever and wherever they prefer. All while eliminating the risk of private information being left at a printer – and reducing wasted paper, resources and time that result from unclaimed documents and inefficient print workflows.

Instead of a document being immediately printed, print release stores the print job in a user’s secure print queue and releases it so it actually prints only when the employee authenticates at the printer of their choice anywhere in the office. Employees authenticate by scanning a badge or entering a PIN. If the user never shows up at a printer, their print job is eliminated from the queue after a period of time, resulting in cost savings and improved document security.

Print release also contributes to increased productivity. Since employees authenticate their print jobs right at the printer, they don’t waste valuable time searching for printouts that may have gone to a wrong printer by accident. More, they can pick up print jobs when it’s convenient for them and don’t have to rush to a far-away printer to pick up confidential or sensitive information.

Let’s face it. Printing should be easy. Your employees want the ability to print documents from anywhere, at any time and pick these jobs up wherever and whenever they want. With the right print management solution and print release functionality, your organisation can meet employees’ requirements while still reducing the amount of wasted paper and other resources.

Secure print release has never been easier

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