How print management can help businesses save money

It’s easy to forget the hidden costs of printing. One or two employees using a bit of ink and few sheets of paper doesn’t seem like a lot, but in an office of 20+ employees continuously printing without any regulation the monthly costs will soon add up. Print management allows business to regain control of their outgoings by monitoring who is printing what, when and why to reduce costs and improve profits.
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A business can be seen like a bath tub that you fill up. However, in order to keep it full, you have to make sure the stopper is in place and isn’t leaking. If your business’ printing isn’t properly managed, it can be the cause of a consistent leak. In order to minimise any leaks, let’s look at print management solutions and how they can help your business save money.

What is Print Management?

    In a nutshell, print management is the process where a printing environment and its productivity levels are carefully monitored, controlled and maintained. Software has been developed to help with this process of coordination and optimisation.

    Why does Print Management matter for your business?

      An effective print management strategy is useful to an organisation in the following number of ways:

      • Reduces Costs
        It will help to cut costs. Studies by the Gartner Group have shown that companies spend between 1 to 3 percent of their annual revenue on print costs and document output.  Many of these costs are incurred unnecessarily. For example, printing a document in colour when it is not necessary. In fact, colour prints are between 5 to 10 times more expensive than a black and white equivalent.
        Companies without a management system, often have many vendors to supply hardware, software, repairs and supplies for their printing needs. Again this leads to unnecessary costs, whereas utilising a print management strategy centralises all printing components and allows for proper monitoring.
      • Recovers Costs
        A print management system can effectively monitor printing activities for outside clients, allowing them to be accurately billed and thus help to recover costs efficiently. For example, a law firm keeps track of all prints made in connection with a particular case and bills the client. This is often done manually and not always accurately. In fact, studies have shown that up to 80% of documents are overlooked when a manual logging system is in place. A print management system will perform this task automatically and accurately.
      • Analyses and improves workflow
        Printing networks and systems are complex to setup effectively and difficult to maintain efficiently. Their effectiveness plays a significant role in workflow, ensuring documents are delivered to the right location timeously. This ultimately has an effect on productivity. An efficient workflow can be interrupted by ineffective, outdated printers. They are also susceptible to time out of the system due to breakdown, thus reducing the effectiveness of an organisation’s workflow. With no printing management system in place, printers are not maintained properly, shortening their productive lifespan.
      • Minimises an organisation’s carbon footprint
        A printer management system can also play its part for the environment by helping to manage their carbon footprint. It does this by reducing waste (thereby saving paper), reducing electrical usage (by employing power-saving techniques) and removing redundant printers from the system. This results in even more money in your pocket.
      • Boosts productivity
        A well-operated printing management system will help increase productivity by ensuring that an organisation’s employees do not have to be concerned when anything goes wrong with a printer, as everything is managed within the system itself. Preventative maintenance ensures printers do not often break, while all toner replacements are handled before a printer runs out. Continual optimisation by the printing management system continues to pinpoint the best locations for systems needed for high volume printing.
      • Frees up IT resources
        Lastly, a well-operated printing management system can help to free up IT resources that ultimately are the most costly expense to an organisation. It allows IT departments to focus on critical organisational issues, such as security, instead of having to worry about a broken printer or replacing toner.

      Print management software is a must for any organisation. Not only will it help to identify problems before they cause productivity issues, but it will also save an organisation money in multiple ways. Contact us today to stop any leaks due to printing mismanagement, and fill your bathtub up to the rim with profits.

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