Print management: the easy first step in going green

Kermit the Frog once sang, “It ain’t easy being green.” Actually it can be – if you focus on reducing excessive print volumes.
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How times have changed. Ten to twenty years ago, many companies (if not most) probably thought the idea of “going green” would cost too much, waste too many resources, and not have an impact on their bottom line. Translation: not worth their time.

Fast forward to today. Now the vast majority of companies (if not all) realise what they can gain from becoming more environmentally conscious – and they’re doing all they can to reap these benefits. Whether they’re looking to reduce costs, reinvest capital in other strategic initiatives, change their brand’s reputation, or attract consumers looking to buy more eco-friendly products, going green is clearly an important initiative.

“Sounds good,” we can hear you saying. “But where do I start?” One answer: focus on wasteful printing processes.

A logical place to start

    Taking a good, objective look at your current printing and print volumes can often reveal surprising truths about where energy is being consumed, and where money – and other resources – are being wasted.

    Take the case of NEN, the Dutch national standardisation institute. As an environmentally conscious organisation committed to reducing its carbon footprint and operating sustainably, NEN recently implemented a print management solution to slash the 1.5 million pages it used to print to a more acceptable amount.

    Such an effort required a new way of thinking on the part of NEN’s employees. Once accustomed to printing whatever, whenever they chose, NEN employees were now encouraged to think twice about printing to reduce print volumes as well as the money and energy the company used to spend. As part of the new print management solution, employees now have to swipe a card to retrieve print jobs, an effort that makes them consider if they actually need to print.

    After implementing the solution, NEN successfully reduced print volumes from 1.5 million pages to year, to one million – a 33% reduction. The organisation was also able to reach a zero carbon emissions target, which minimised its carbon footprint and enhanced its overall reputation as a forward-thinking green operation.

    Turn “green” into a competitive advantage

      Focusing on printing is a no-brainer if your organisation is attempting to become more eco-friendly. Not only can you successfully reduce print volumes, but you will save on costs related to paper and toner, printer maintenance, and even the storage required for the documents you used to print. Even better: soon your competitors will be green too – green with envy at your success.

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      Learn how better print management processes can help your organisation improve print management and reduce waste.


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