PDF tips, tricks and superpowers

We recently hosted a webinar to help users learn more about PDF so they can get more out of their PDF solution and work more efficiently and effectively. This blog offers a closer look at some of these tips and tricks and offers other resources to help you change the way you PDF.
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Today, most desktop software applications provide a wide array of features to help their users work in new ways, get more out the application and become much more efficient and productive.

Yet some of these features are slightly more advanced or take a little effort to learn. For example, my current favourite is using “Merge Documents” in Microsoft Word to create track-change edits retroactively. But that’s a topic for another blog. …

It may be true that many of these tools are not used as much as the most common or familiar features, or that it may take a little more effort to learn how to use them. We probably all know that this advanced functionality exists, or a minimum, suspect that “there has to be a better way.”

But if you’re like me, you get so busy that we tend to keep doing things the same way, even if we’re missing the opportunity to be more productive. “I’ll learn how to create an automatic Table of Contents next time,” we may say, as we continue to retype page numbers by hand.

Become a PDF rock star

    PDF solutions, such as our own Nuance® Power PDF, are no different. But in the case of Power PDF, these features are actually much easier to learn than you might have expected. And you don’t need to rely on Adobe Acrobat to enjoy these capabilities either. PDF is an industry standard that can be edited by applications like Nuance Power PDF that provide 100% of the same capabilities. Plus, learning just a few valuable tips and tricks will transform you into a “PDF rock star” in your organisation and make you the envy of all your friends and co-workers.

    This concept was the driving force behind a recent Nuance webinar, “PDF Tips, Tricks and Superpowers.” The presentation took the audience through a variety of tasks they may have wondered how to perform. Ranging from common to more advanced PDF processes, the webinar was set up to show them how they could get so much more out of their PDF solution. If you missed this webinar, you can still see it as a replay here.

    Specifically, this webinar showed how you can:

    • Create PDFs or combine PDF files effortlessly
    • Drag and drop selected pages from Microsoft Office directly into your PDF file
    • Convert Word to PDF files – in one click – or vice versa to your most preferred format
    • Automate PDF conversion with Batch Converter and Watched Folders


    Better ways to create PDFs and other tips

      For example, the content in the presentation showed how users can create PDF files much faster using one-click productivity tools. As a result, you can convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other files into standard, searchable and editable PDF files so much faster than what you may be doing now.

      The webinar also addressed a common frustration shared by office workers and other employees: Wasted time and effort re-creating PDF documents, especially processes related to converting PDFs to Word. Now it’s possible to transform PDFs into Word documents in a way that faithfully reproduces complex layouts, including columns, tables, and graphs. All of this helps workers convert PDFs in seconds flat – while ensuring that they will never have to retype documents.

      These are just a few of the tips and best practices presented. If you are interested in learning more, please watch the webinar replay, or download our PDF whitepaper, “Collaborate Efficiently with PDF Documents.”

      Once you do, you’ll be on your way to working more efficiently, effectively and becoming a PDF rock star.


      Whitepaper: Improve collaboration with PDF

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