Could manual data entry be linked to male pattern baldness?

While we all know that manual data entry tends to lead to wasted time and too many errors, could it lead to male pattern baldness? A fun new video attempts to make the connection.
woman standing at a scanner

This may be the craziest question you’ve heard all day, but could manual data entry inadvertently lead to male pattern baldness?

A new video from Nuance now presents a lighthearted look at the business challenges related to manual data entry. We admit that this example is a little silly, but it does a good job of clearly showing how simple data entry mistakes can lead to costly complications in your business.

When you watch this video, you will understand how effective document capture solutions can reduce, or even eliminate manual processes such as data entry. Not only does this improve overall data accuracy, but it helps your employees save time so they can focus on what’s really important – the real work at hand.


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