Five reasons to purchase professional PDF software

The Internet is flooded with basic PDF software that claims to do everything you need, however this is very rarely the case. Free PDF software is not only inadequate and inefficient it can make you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals have been known to use basic PDF software to spread viruses and gain access to confidential information. Professional PDF software, will not only improve your work flow, it is the most secure solution when dealing with confidential information.
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PDF files are widely used across all sectors due to the ease with which they can be sent to colleagues within the organisation and beyond. And unlike many other document formats, they retain the original properties, styles and layouts, so you can be sure that all who receive the file are viewing it as originally intended.

There are of course a number of free solutions for creating PDF files, but these often have limited options for customisation and can restrict the way that you work with PDFs as a team. With that in mind, here are five reasons why purchasing professional PDF software such as Nuance Power PDF could improve the effectiveness of your business communications.

1. You can create PDF files from within almost any application

    The ability to quickly ‘save as PDF’ within Microsoft Word can be a huge timesaver. But what if you could do the same from virtually any piece of software. Power PDF gives you that capability, so that next time you’re creating a spreadsheet, catalogue, report or anything else, you can send it to your colleagues in an industry-standard format. They can then open the file instantaneously without the need to download additional software or fiddle with settings to get it to display correctly.

    You can also add in hyperlinks and bookmarks during the creation process to make document navigation more intuitive.

    2. PDF creation can become a fluid, collaborative process

      One of the other major problems with free PDF solutions is that the files that they create are usually static, fixed and difficult to modify. With professional PDF software such as Power PDF on the other hand, you can create a file which can be quickly and easily edited as needed, without having to go through the time-consuming process of reformatting.

      More importantly though, Power PDF makes it possible for you to dynamically collaborate on documents with other members of your team, with side-by-side version comparisons to help you keep track of changes.

      3. Document conversion becomes easy

        Often the file that you want to distribute has already been created, but not in a user-friendly form that can be read on any computer or smart phone. Professional PDF software gives you the ability to quickly and intuitively convert documents of most types into PDF form. And if you need to do the reverse of this – such as convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word file – that too can be achieved with just a few simple clicks.

        When you finish converting your document, it will require no additional editing as although the format has changed it will appear exactly as it did previously- no more reformatting, realigning, or repositioning.

        4. Your documents are secured

          Data theft and unauthorised access of records are not rare circumstances, they are common threats in the modern digital world that your business is a part of. PDFs created with free solutions, such as Word’s ‘save as…’ command, are generally not secure – they can be accessed, copied and distributed by anyone with access to your network or emails.

          Power PDF allows you to encrypt your documents, control exactly who is authorised to access them and set passwords, as well as digitally signing them so that no unauthorised changes can be made. To provide even greater control, you can even set which users are allowed to print and edit the file.

          5. Common document tasks can be simplified and automated

            If you’re handling a large amount of documents on a daily basis, any lags or sticking points in your processes can be become major drains on your time and resources. Nuance’s professional PDF solutions enable you to streamline these processes by automating significant parts of key task such as document scanning or capture, conversion and redaction. With user-friendly interfaces that anyone familiar with Microsoft Office will recognise, there’s also little learning curve when the software is first used.

            The right professional PDF software for you

            To experience for yourself some of these reasons why paid-for professional software is a superior option for PDF creation, editing and conversion, try our free trial of Power PDF.

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