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Printing solutions can not only improve your business workflow, they can significantly reduce hidden costs in your office. Another way to improve your print savings is to change staffs printing habits. There are a few quick solutions that are easy to implement, but before you can start saving, you need a printing solution to identify where the leak in the money pot might be.
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When looking for ways to print “greener”, perhaps the most logical place to start is with the people who actually print. Consider that most of us go about our day, unaware of the dramatic, compounding costs associated. So the question remains: How can you get your staff to think before they print?

Nuance has found that measuring and creating awareness of print activity through reports is a powerful first step toward changing user behaviour. Directives that ask users to change the ways they work may initially cause some angst – especially if they may be concerned that they will have to change how they work. However, if users are made aware of the impact that they are having on the environment, greener printing is an initiative that they can rally around. And with the right tools, their work will actually become easier.

For example, measurement should include data on what is being printed – where and by whom – as well as the financial and environmental costs of their print jobs. This baseline level of activity can not only help shape an overall printing strategy, but will also allow you to provide feedback to your community about their printing behaviours.

Using metrics to support print savings can have a big effect on the adoption of greener printing habits. Metrics are available from to help measure the environmental impact of less printing from organisations like Conservatree, and can be instrumental in promoting the project’s results.

With increased awareness, behavioural changes will begin to move past simple acts such as two-sided printing to the point where users only print what is necessary. More, reports can provide data on what was actually “not” printed – information that goes a long way in affirming the users’ efforts.

Interested in learning more? Discover how print management software can create behaviour change is a simple process … and one that empowers people to work how they want while ensuring that work is efficient and environmentally conscious.

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