7 Considerations When Choosing Volume Licence PDF Software

Many enterprise IT buyers have a secret dread of finding or renewing volume licensed software. When it comes to PDF solutions, there are many things to consider, such as cost, complexity and functionality, to mention just a few. However such moments can provide opportunities, and if you fully consider all seven of the elements discussed below, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find the best PDF software for multiple users at your company.
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Today there are a range of different commercial PDF solutions available for volume licensing, and when choosing the one which is right for your office there are many different elements to consider. To help you identify the best PDF software for multiple users, we’ve compiled this useful list of the most important considerations.

1. Simple learning curve

    Perhaps the most critical factor, at least as far as your colleagues are concerned, is how intuitive the software is and whether it will require substantial relearning or process adjustment. This is also a key concern of many department managers, so it’s important to choose a PDF solution which is relatively easy to use to avoid the hassle of extensive training.

    2. Avoid plugins

      A common pitfall when settling on a software licence is to purchase the licence without fully understanding what will be provided within it. When exploring your options check that the software provides all required functionality as standard, rather than demanding that you purchase additional plug-ins for these purposes.

      The best PDF software for volume licensing is the one that provides maximum functionality to all employees, without the need of additional add-ons be purchased for the benefit of some.

      3. Tried and tested

        One of the major difficulties with enterprise resource planning (ERP)  for small businesses is that you run the risk of getting locked into a lengthy contract for software which later turns out to be unsuitable, inefficient or of poor quality. A simple solution to avoid this issue is opting for a volume licensing solution which offers a free trial before committing to the product so that you can test the water and make sure the software fits your needs.

        4. Single licence for multiple users

          Ensuring licensing compliance is vital, as failure to do so can result in substantial extra costs and fines. It can help in this area to purchase PDF software which can be easily managed via a single licence model rather than trying to manage multiple licences and different versions of the same software. Simply choose a PDF solution that lets you manage multiple users with the one licence.

          Confusing contracts are also best avoided, instead, look for a software provider that offers a simple licence written on a single sheet rather than a lengthy agreement that consists of a long list of rules and regulations.

          5. The Contract renewal process

            Though it may seem premature when choosing a multi user PDF solution, it is imperative that as well as looking at how it affects your company now, you consider the licensing renewal process further down the line. Subscription-based services are generally best avoided, as they can result in undue pressure from vendors, the threat of software audits, and the potential to be back in the same position in a year or two’s time. The best solution in many cases is to choose software with a lifetime licence – no need to renew or renegotiate, once you’ve purchased the licence it’s yours for life.

            6. Customer support

              Even software which is otherwise very good and fit for purpose can become a drag if there’s a lack of support when you experience an issue or need some assistance integrating it with your internal processes.

              Give your custom to a company that makes customer support a priority. It’s often a good idea to speak to someone before you purchase to see what you think of the level of service, whether via phone or instant online chat.

              7. Cost-effectiveness

                Some enterprise IT buyers can fall into the trap of simply going for the most expensive volume licensing solutions on the market, under the mistaken belief that a high price is synonymous with high quality, particularly when choosing PDF software. Many people think Adobe=PDF, when in fact there are other PDF solutions that produce 100% compatible and legal- and industry-accepted PDF documents, even though Adobe was first to market. Just because a solution is more affordable doesn’t mean it won’t do everything you need it to, consider other PDF solutions and you might be pleasantly surprised.


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