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The future of healthcare: how ambient clinical intelligence will drive better care

Today we rely on technology to stay connected with other people, information and content. For all of the positives that technology has brought to healthcare, it’s also been a curse when it forces clinicians to do something unnatural. Technology should be used to support clinicians and their workflow – not the other way around. We envision a future where amplifying human intelligence and leveraging existing capabilities will create ambient clinical intelligence that will decrease the time clinicians spend doing tedious tasks such as patient documentation, and instead allow them to spend more time face-to-face with their patients.

Whether thinking about the technological advances we’ve seen in healthcare already this year, or looking at the bigger picture over the next few years, it’s easy to see major advances in technology are driving real improvements into healthcare now and in the future.

One of our goals is to improve both the clinician and patient experiences. Electronic patient records (EPR) and similar technologies are starting to provide more value, but the use of these platforms has increased the time clinicians spend on patient documentation and has complicated their workflows, causing major clinician burnout. We need to look at solutions that will return clinicians to the job of providing care, which in turn will improve the care patients receive as well.

At Nuance, the way we envision advancing these areas in the future is by amplifying human intelligence and leveraging our existing capabilities to create ambient clinical intelligence to anticipate and assist humans (clinicians) while technology operates unobtrusively in the background. Creating this type of intelligence will ease the documentation process and support clinicians and patients in a personal healthcare experience, allowing them to engage and avoid workflow interruptions. We think support of intelligent and informed decisions using technology and content to amplify human intelligence will change how healthcare is practiced and will improve outcomes for both patients and health systems.

By saving clinicians from tedious and complex labour, and amplifying the considerable capabilities they already have, we will achieve our goal of allowing clinicians to get back to what’s truly important: caring for their patients.

Clinicians are not clerks

Watch this video to see how Nuance’s healthcare vision leverages technology that amplifies human intelligence and helps clinicians provide better patient care

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