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Business man in front of his computer late at night

Processing loans in an inherently complex and time consuming process, and inevitably generates a large amount of paperwork in the form of applications and supporting documents. Because there is so much information, both numerical and otherwise, to sift through, a single loan application can take a considerable amount of time to process. In addition to […]

Businessman using a bow and arrow in a field, representing accuracy

  When it comes to the day-to-day and year-on-year running of any company, there are always inevitably going to be mountains of financial information to process. From cashflow and receivables, to loan payments, one-off costs, employee expenses, utility bills and virtually everything else related to staying in business, there are endless invoices, accounts to track, […]

doctor using tablet computer with patient

Healthcare organisations around the world face the challenge of digitising their paper records, chasing the benefits of greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, ease of sharing and environmental-friendliness. In the UK, the NHS is at the forefront of this global effort, with its plans to go entirely paperless by 2020. This approach was laid out in the Department […]

Doctor on the phone to a patient - telehealth

  At present, ‘telehealth’ is one of the biggest new healthcare developments on the horizon. If you’ve not heard of it or are unsure what exactly it is you’re not alone, as it’s currently only in testing stages here in the UK. According to a recent article in the Guardian, such trials include, “devices such […]

Nurse in blue scrubs looking at a patient’s medical records

  With the benefits of digital technology at their fingertips, hospitals and other healthcare establishments face pressures to make their patients’ information easier to share amongst other health professionals and services. An added, and substantial, challenge to this is the importance of maintaining security in an increasingly interconnected workspace. Coupled with this new information-sharing paradigm […]

Young computer technician switching PDF software

  It is perhaps natural to have a certain amount of fear and consternation when pondering the switchover of any software solution that is in daily use by multiple users. Fear of being held accountable for any glitches or problems by users, or worse still, by senior management. Fear of not having enough time to […]

Man sat on the floor on his laptop surrounded by different words about compliance

  For any IT director or purchaser working for a mid-large organisation, the ins and outs of the company’s various software licence agreements, and ensuring organisation-wide compliance with these, can be a significant time drain. But in light of the recent upsurge in software audits carried out by major software vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft […]

Focused woman working at digital tablet in cafe, using a professional pdf software

  PDF files are widely used across all sectors due to the ease with which they can be sent to colleagues within the organisation and beyond. And unlike many other document formats, they retain the original properties, styles and layouts, so you can be sure that all who receive the file are viewing it as […]

Woman at a scanner creating a pdf file with the help of optical character recognition

  So what is optical character recognition (OCR)? In the simplest possible terms, OCR is a digital software technology which enables you to instantly convert scanned printed text into digital text. In essence, rather than creating an exact static image copy of a document, you instead create a digital document file that can be edited […]

casual business man sending a text

  In today’s environmentally-conscious world, technology is rapidly changing the way that businesses operate. With emphasis being placed upon small businesses to develop their green credentials and be more environmentally efficient, there is no better time to think about becoming a paperless business. But it’s not just the environment that will benefit. SMEs, in particular, […]