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Business people using laptop at train station, working on mobile

  By this point in the 21st century there can be no doubt that mobile phones have revolutionised the way we live our lives. Even things that we could previously do with the use of a desktop or laptop computer have been transformed dramatically by the small lump of plastic, glass and electronics that we […]

Tropical Island under a glass dome placed on a desk, calling holiday

  Everyone needs a holiday from work in order to keep their brain and their body in peak working order. In fact, one study into the importance of taking a break from work once in a while found that the “personal benefits [of a holiday] include: rest and recuperation from work; provision of new experiences leading […]

newspaper sitting on a laptop computer, representing the digital era to save the environment

  Before we take a look at some of the many practical uses for which paper is no longer needed, let’s take a brief look at the history of paper. Paper can be defined as “thin sheets made from fibre that has been macerated until each individual filament is a separate unit”. Though other materials, […]

Businesswoman operating printer in office, unaware of paper waste and how the company could save money by not printing

As you may or may not know, World Paper Free Day 2017 is not far off, and will be taking place on 9th November. The annual event was established by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and aims to raise awareness in offices across the globe of paper waste, the environmental issues that […]

Man with ‘Recycle, Reuse, Reduce’ drawing to fight back paper waste

  Despite what Donald Trump may say, climate change is a hot topic across the world right now. Much is being done by governments and organisations around the world to attempt to mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change, and the landmark Paris Agreement signed by almost 200 countries marks a significant step. Even […]

Business man in front of his computer late at night

Processing loans in an inherently complex and time consuming process, and inevitably generates a large amount of paperwork in the form of applications and supporting documents. Because there is so much information, both numerical and otherwise, to sift through, a single loan application can take a considerable amount of time to process. In addition to […]

Businessman using a bow and arrow in a field, representing accuracy

  When it comes to the day-to-day and year-on-year running of any company, there are always inevitably going to be mountains of financial information to process. From cashflow and receivables, to loan payments, one-off costs, employee expenses, utility bills and virtually everything else related to staying in business, there are endless invoices, accounts to track, […]

doctor using tablet computer with patient

Healthcare organisations around the world face the challenge of digitising their paper records, chasing the benefits of greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, ease of sharing and environmental-friendliness. In the UK, the NHS is at the forefront of this global effort, with its plans to go entirely paperless by 2020. This approach was laid out in the Department […]

Doctor on the phone to a patient - telehealth

  At present, ‘telehealth’ is one of the biggest new healthcare developments on the horizon. If you’ve not heard of it or are unsure what exactly it is you’re not alone, as it’s currently only in testing stages here in the UK. According to a recent article in the Guardian, such trials include, “devices such […]

Nurse in blue scrubs looking at a patient’s medical records

  With the benefits of digital technology at their fingertips, hospitals and other healthcare establishments face pressures to make their patients’ information easier to share amongst other health professionals and services. An added, and substantial, challenge to this is the importance of maintaining security in an increasingly interconnected workspace. Coupled with this new information-sharing paradigm […]