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  Today’s healthcare models now prioritize patient care and population health, along with a new emphasis on quality measurement and payments based on value and outcomes as opposed to quantity and system utilization. CIOs must assume new roles: agent of change and IT implementer. They are rolling out tools and devices for clinicians to use […]

  Business leaders must recognize that cybercrime is now a day-to-day business reality and priority. No one is immune: It’s not a question of “if” your organization will be affected; it’s a question of “when.” That’s a sobering thought, but also one that should inspire business leaders to change and move their organizations forward. A […]

Granfather and his niece playing with a tablet which connects to artificial intelligence

  Welcome to the new year.  A fresh slate is exciting, and often prime for lists of resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. However, experience has taught me that many resolutions quickly fall from our list of priorities while most predictions fall short or give way to the truth. Because of this, I ground […]

patient and doctor at the hospital

  Artificial Intelligence and analytics have become deeply integrated into our lives. Most of us encounter these algorithms multiple times per day: a customer service voice recognition program, an online shopping recommendation, or a well-targeted Facebook ad. As our ability to harness machine learning becomes increasingly sophisticated, we see that healthcare is where these applications […]

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  Artificial Intelligence has been at the core of our healthcare technology solutions for years, but the rest of the business world is realizing the power causing an explosion of AI-related products predicted in 2018. Gartner recently issued its list of Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends of 2018, with AI-powered tools dominating the list, thanks to […]