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Man sitting at the table holding a smartphone and working on a laptop., doing some remote work

  The rise of remote working The growth of the internet, high-speed connections and affordable home computing have in the past decades created a perfect storm in which remote working from home or elsewhere has been able to thrive. According to 2017 data from a survey by PowWowNow, 58% of workers in the UK are […]

Businessman walking down the street and looking up the skyline

  For many individuals, whether fresh out of university or following years of slogging away in a corporate office, entrepreneurship holds a strong appeal. It allows those who pursue it greater freedom, increased flexibility, and even perhaps the chance to hit the big time as ‘the next big thing’. But the road to successful entrepreneurship […]

Open laptop on the table which recalls information risks

  Ensuring that your documents are protected is essential to the overall security and integrity of your business, and the most important first step you can take is accumulating the knowledge you need to identify and neutralise the most common and severe risks. Here we examine some of the vital problems, and solutions that you […]

Woman wearing glasses and looking at the screen of her computer dealing with financial services

  If you are responsible for network security for a financial services firm, the argument can be made you have the most difficult job in information security. Why? According to research from IBM x-Force Research, in 2016, the financial services industry was the most targeted industry for cyber-crime – 65 percent more than any other industry. According […]

Woman behind piles of documents thinking how to capture data

  Capturing data manually can be a long drawn-out process that can consume a significant amount of time and labour resources. In addition to this, there is always the risk that it may not be 100% accurate, as a result of human error. This last point can be particularly true during periods of heavy workload, […]

People discussing OCR in front of the screen

  Today, product managers and software developers know that open-source technology can often be an efficient and cost-effective way to get a software product to market. But speed and cost aren’t always the most important considerations, especially if your goal is to differentiate your product. Take optical character recognition (OCR) for example. There are many […]

Man using digital signatures to sign his document at the desk

  But we get into the benefits of digital signatures, it’s important to understand the difference between ‘electronic’ and ‘digital’ signatures. Though digital signatures are a type of electronic signature, they stand apart from other forms of e-signature because they are encoded with a unique representation of your identity, or digital ‘fingerprint’, akin to your […]

Group of colleagues smiling and looking at the screen while they celebrate all PDF features

  If you’re like most software users today, chances are good that you’re not using your application – or any application – to its full potential. In fact, recent research shows that only seven percent of an enterprise application’s features are “always used,” which shows that we’re all missing out on additional functionality. I’m guilty, […]

Business people reviewing financial data on digital tablet

  In the almost quarter-century since its inception, the Portable Document Format, better known as PDF, has revolutionised the way that people create, store, share and edit digital information. By preserving the layout, fonts, graphics and features of the original document from device to device, it has made sharing documents particularly user-friendly and intuitive.  But […]

Man sitting at the desk and staring at the screen, using OCR technology

In a recent article, we described how a leading software company, GTB Technologies, used an optical character recognition (OCR) scanning software development kit (SDK) to add powerful OCR capabilities to its own application. This decision came after the company determined it would be too time-consuming and potentially expensive to attempt to develop similar OCR scanning […]