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People discussing OCR in front of the screen

  Today, product managers and software developers know that open-source technology can often be an efficient and cost-effective way to get a software product to market. But speed and cost aren’t always the most important considerations, especially if your goal is to differentiate your product. Take optical character recognition (OCR) for example. There are many […]

Man using digital signatures to sign his document at the desk

  But we get into the benefits of digital signatures, it’s important to understand the difference between ‘electronic’ and ‘digital’ signatures. Though digital signatures are a type of electronic signature, they stand apart from other forms of e-signature because they are encoded with a unique representation of your identity, or digital ‘fingerprint’, akin to your […]

Group of colleagues smiling and looking at the screen while they celebrate all PDF features

  If you’re like most software users today, chances are good that you’re not using your application – or any application – to its full potential. In fact, recent research shows that only seven percent of an enterprise application’s features are “always used,” which shows that we’re all missing out on additional functionality. I’m guilty, […]

Business people reviewing financial data on digital tablet

  In the almost quarter-century since its inception, the Portable Document Format, better known as PDF, has revolutionised the way that people create, store, share and edit digital information. By preserving the layout, fonts, graphics and features of the original document from device to device, it has made sharing documents particularly user-friendly and intuitive.  But […]

Man sitting at the desk and staring at the screen, using OCR technology

In a recent article, we described how a leading software company, GTB Technologies, used an optical character recognition (OCR) scanning software development kit (SDK) to add powerful OCR capabilities to its own application. This decision came after the company determined it would be too time-consuming and potentially expensive to attempt to develop similar OCR scanning […]

Stressed enterprise IT buyer having to surrounded tablets, phones and requests from his staff

  Today there are a range of different commercial PDF solutions available for volume licensing, and when choosing the one which is right for your office there are many different elements to consider. To help you identify the best PDF software for multiple users, we’ve compiled this useful list of the most important considerations.   […]

Busy lawyer surrounded by work trying to arrange his evidence and disclosure documents

  What is disclosure? In law, disclosure is a collection of documents and evidence that is gathered by the opposing party which is disclosed to the defendant because they have the constitutional right to see what evidence will be used against them before trial. Though disclosure is an age-old process rooted in law, many lawyers […]

Male and female lawyer making amendments to a contract in a mediation process

  What is Legal Negotiation? The negotiation process is a legal practice in which two opposing parties try to compromise with one another to reach an agreement and avoid further dispute. This process usually involves two parties sending revised legal documents back and forth until both parties agree to one another’s amendments. This may sound […]

Young business people congratulating each other for a good job well done with an enthusiastic high-five.

  Sure, Captain America has his vibranium shield and Thor’s got his hammer, but PDF users can have their superpowers too. By adding valuable tips and tricks to your PDF arsenal and conquering some of the advanced features of PDF tools, you can become a PDF super user. (And even better, you don’t have to […]

Casual business man signing multiple documents at his desk in front of his desktop computer

  Many businesses deal with enormous amounts of paperwork that requires signing on a daily basis. If you’re a legal practice, a healthcare organisation, a government body or similar meanwhile, these mountains of paper requiring your signature can reach astronomical proportions.   The issue with manual signatures Aside from the potential for sustaining a wrist […]