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business woman using a tablet to show her work colleagues a pdf file

  A business can be seen like a bath tub that you fill up. However, in order to keep it full, you have to make sure the stopper is in place and isn’t leaking. If your business’ printing isn’t properly managed, it can be the cause of a consistent leak. In order to minimise any […]

Portrait of young man sitting at desk with mobile phone and laptop

  ‘The cloud’ might sound like some sort of abstract buzzword without substance, but the fact is that the benefits it offers are highly concrete and can revolutionise the way your business works. In this article we aim to demystify the concept and give you the lowdown on what you need to know about computing […]

doctor studying documents

  Many hospitals share their information at the point of care on a variety of mobile devices, including both hospital-issued and physician-owned smartphones, tablets and notebook computers. According to a study by the data security and privacy research organisation, the Ponemon Institute, 81 percent of healthcare organisations said they already use smart devices to collect, […]

blue finger print scan

It happened again. In case you missed it, there was yet another massive data breach. This time it was at VTech Holdings Ltd. Many security experts believe that more attacks are likely to happen using this same vulnerability. The attack occurred in late November and resulted in the loss of nearly five million records including […]

gold fish jumping out of fish bowl, it represents how PDF solutions can improve productivity and security

There has been a clear shift in the balance of power in the legal industry today. Since the recession of 2007-2008, (although many would suggest the trend started before then), clients have moved into the driver’s seat. Today, clients demand that their law firms provide increased value at reduced costs, and they are not shy […]

blonde business woman waiting for printing, using a Multi-Function Printers

It’s sad but true. The frequency of network attacks and unauthorised access to confidential information are so high that they have become inevitable. For proof, just look at recent headlines. For example, the story about hackers accessing investor reports to aid insider traders. Or another recent example of a cyber security firm’s intern using the company’s intellectual property […]

Gain Control of Office Information

A widely cited stat of importance to every business is that 80 percent of the world’s data is in unstructured, mostly document form, leaving businesses vulnerable to data loss or theft. The loss or misuse of sensitive documents through a security breach can have a massive negative impact on any business. It can also generate significant financial […]

small plant starting to grow. will millennial workers be able to green the workplace?

Research firms, sociologists and pundits have created a cottage industry in recent years: analysing the attitudes and behaviours of the millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 1999), and giving advice to employers on how to accommodate them. That’s not surprising, given that in 2015, generation Y (aged 20-35) reached a height of 13.8 Million people […]

Man with a high pile off paper-based forms

Like the bad houseguest who has overstayed his welcome, paper-based forms are familiar, seemingly harmless, and difficult to dislodge. But if we look objectively at the impact that paper forms have on organisations that use them, it quickly becomes clear that their flaws outweigh their advantages. It’s also clear that it’s time for a better, […]

doctor using mobile technology and thinking about multifunction printers

The growing use of smart devices at the point of care exacerbates the dual, yet contradictory challenges confronting hospital IT directors and compliance officers: making patients’ health information easier to access and share, while at the same time keeping it more secure. A major problem is that there are just too many touch points that […]