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Law firms can use print management solutions to gain better business results

Where judges’ robes, gavels and the scales of justice are images most associated with the legal profession, printers, scanners and copiers are where the real work gets done. Yet many law firms don’t do as much as they can to get the most out of printing processes to maximise business results. As copier fleets get […]

Female lawyer preparing for a case in a library in front of a laptop using a redaction tool to remove sensitive information from her documents.

For businesses and professionals, it’s often necessary to share a document or group of documents which may contain confidential or sensitive information. For example, you may be a doctor presenting data and information on your work to a conference of your peers, yet you will, of course, need to remove any identifiable patient data or […]

green grass in a blue mug

How times have changed. Ten to twenty years ago, many companies (if not most) probably thought the idea of “going green” would cost too much, waste too many resources, and not have an impact on their bottom line. Translation: not worth their time. Fast forward to today. Now the vast majority of companies (if not […]

Businessman listening to earbuds at office desk

Today, voice recognition technology has become an integral part of our daily lives.  Taking our oldest and most natural method of communication – speech – and combining this with technological advances, we are now accustomed to carrying out essential everyday tasks using voice command and recognition. These tasks range from responding to telephone banking security […]

Mobile employee using Document Capture Solution

Could using smart phones to capture data from paper documents change how companies do business? Mobile capture is something that’s catching on across various industries. For those unfamiliar, this technology uses smart phones or other mobile devices to take a picture of paper documents and produce a working digital copy. An October 2015 post on IBM’s Enterprise […]