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You ask your staff to ‘think outside the box’ but maybe it is time you did so too. There are some small changes you can implement right now – with minimal cost and disruption, to improve productivity in your office. Take the following steps to increase staff contentment and efficiency, because happy employees are productive […]

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How productive your business is, is down to the amount of money, resources and staff you have, right? Wrong. Even the largest organisations, in fact especially large organisations, can lose out on significant amounts of productivity simply due to having inefficient processes and systems. Getting organised for maximum productivity therefore should be a priority for […]

two-business men wasting paper

Even as we move ever deeper into the digital age, large quantities of paper continue to be wasted every day by organisations across the globe. The education, healthcare and legal sectors naturally generate a constant flow of documents, and so are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of paper waste. The cost of this waste […]

Print management solutions will reduce print waste

Corporate executives and department leaders are always looking for smart ways to cut expenses, especially during tough economic times. Also on the top of their to-do list is finding a way to boost their team’s productivity. While these two goals – reducing expenses and increasing productivity – could seem like they don’t always go together, […]