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I think of the range of tools I use for my day-to-day work in a similar way to thinking about a DIY enthusiast’s toolbox. You know the kind of thing. Those expanding boxes that seem like a treasure trove of bits and pieces. One section contains a range of odds and ends from bits of […]

It might sound a bit strange to say that we can look after our health when we are working with documents. After all, looking after our health is about taking regular exercise, eating well and considering our mental health as well. How can working with documents help with any of that? We’re often told how […]

Humour me for a moment. Set a timer for 30 seconds and start it running. Then close your eyes and try to imagine what your working life – or your leisure time – would be like without a keyboard. Come back to me when you are done! How many things did you think of that […]

It isn’t always easy to make time and space for the document creation that is such an essential part of many jobs. Do you ever find yourself cramming a bit of important writing into the space travelling between meetings, or even during your commute to and from work? Perhaps time pressures mean you rush and […]

Speech to text software is often described as a tool to help you produce documentation faster and more accurately than you could achieve while typing. That’s quite right. Dragon can turn the spoken word into editable text three times faster than even a proficient typist can put words on screen, and with 99% accuracy thanks […]

Financial services have to be pernickety. It is important that they capture accurate information from clients, record that information precisely, and store it carefully. Client meetings are often conversational and feel relaxed, but they deliver exact, detailed information about the client’s sentiments as well as feedback on current work and future intentions. All of this […]

Anybody who runs a business will spend time scratching their head to work out the best ways to be as productive as possible. Regular reviews can streamline processes which have become leggy and trim expenditure that’s grown organically but that’s far from the only way to improve productivity and cut costs. Investment in new ways […]

If I had a pound for every time I’d seen a new idea, gadget, web service or practice that said it would make me more efficient, well, I’d be a lot more wealthy than I am – and a lot more efficient too! Some of these ‘efficiency boosters’ are rather personal. One person will take […]

Back in the very earliest days of speech recognition machines learned to recognise a small – very small – number of words and act on them. For example, the famous 1962 IBM speech recognition system called Shoebox. It could recognise just 16 words, and perform actions like adding up numbers. (check out The History of […]

There is much truth in the belief that technologies we like to use at home get taken into the workplace either by stealth because workers want to use them, or officially because bosses see their value. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that smart speakers are making their way into the office. […]